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Reference: EFS-009-12


Beach Balloon Wheels Upgrade kit for Efoilsolutions Cart

Can you use your EfoilSolutions™ Efoil Carts with Balloon Wheels? YES! The 14” All-Terrain wheels included with your EfoilSolutions™ Efoil are excellent for pulling or pushing the cart over hard surfaces, rough terrain, and beach sand. However, when you need extra performance over deep, soft sand, switch to your Balloon Wheels and cruise to the water edge...

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Reference: EFS-4244


Premium Board Cart / Bag Efoilsolutions ® with Wheels

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR THE E-FOILING AND E-SURF WORLD. This cart is a clever solution for your bulky and heavy board. The four sizes are tailored to fit dozens of models, as listed in the table below.  If your board is not listed, please email us and we will help choose the right cart for you.

Price USD $449.99
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